Bali Touring, Getting Ready for Christmas…..Part 2

Bali Touring, Getting Ready for Christmas……Part 2

7-10 September, 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

We met a few boats who would also be sailing to South Africa, but as it\’s a long long trip, we would mostly not be seeing each other.

S/V \”Ainia\” with Bruce and June from Toronto (and crew of two more) as well as young couple Andrew and Diana from Seattle aboard their Hans Christensen 34 s/v \”Saviah\” would be sailing similar routes. \”Ainia\” might press straight through to Durban, \”Saviah\” will make the usual stops in Mauritius and Rodriegeous Islands (both French) en-route to Durban sailing south of Madagascar.

Due to the more pleasant weather conditions and wanting to break up our trip a bit, Nikki and I will go the northern route up to Chagos Archipelago. Chagos is just south of the equator and in the central Indian Ocean. From there we will head to the top of Madagascar staying well away from places we don\’t want to be.

Chagos is also home to the most secret US Navy base in the world at Diego Garcia Atoll. We\’re not allowed to go into it (unless emergency), but at least as we brush near bad guy territory, it\’s nice to know they don\’t want to be anywhere near the US or British Navies.

So, our next post will be as we depart Bali for Christmas Island, Australia. Our planned route will take us to Christmas Island, Australia, Cocos-Keeling Island, Australia, Chagos Archipelago, North, then west Madagascar (Nosy Be) and finally into Richards Bay, South Africa on the northeast coast of South Africa.

Stand by and KIT, Scott and Nikki