Beach House readies for the first set of Panama Canal Locks to the Pacific……

March 7th, 2016 (-5 on UTC) We\’re on US East Coast time….

We\’ll be beginning our transit of the Panama Canal this evening around
7 pm US East Coast Time.

To possibly see us in \”real time\”, go to the following link:

We\’ll try and send a last minute blog to refine the time as much as possible!

It will be dark, but the canal should be lit up. We will be raft tied to at least one other sailboat and we will be BEHIND any commercial vessels in the first lock. There is a Camera 1 and Camera 2 selection. I believe camera 1 shows us entering and camera 2 shows us exiting into Gatun Lake. Commercial traffic may block our entry view from the camera today on the the way in, but not the exit. Tomorrow, we go in AHEAD of the commercial traffic and should be easy to see. Stand by for that update.

We\’ll be anchored in the lake overnight and send an update when we\’ll go through on the morning of the 8th, that\’s Tuesday here in the Western Hemisphere.

The Miraflores Locks \”Live Webcam\” is at:

REMEMBER, we won\’t be going through the second and third set of locks till tomorrow, the 8th of March (Pedro Miguel and Miraflores) and we\’ll try to send a real time update as we get close to \”shooting through\” into the Pacific.

Scott, Nikki, Mike and Beth
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