Beach House to enter Miraflores Locks at 2:15 p.m. US EAST COAST TIME, 11:15 a.m. US West Coast Time…..

March 8th, 2016 (-5 on UTC)

Dear Friends and Family,
We will be entering the Miraflores Locks at approximately 2:15 p.m. US EAST COAST TIME or 11:15 a.m. US WEST COAST TIME.
We are scheduled to exit 50 minutes after we enter. You should be able to see us on one of two cameras and they also have \”hi res cams\” for
those with fast internet. If you can get a photo of us and email it to: [email protected], we\’d love it!

We will be in a raft of three sailboats. We will be in the CENTER and the plan is to be IN FRONT of the Cargo Ship – \”Berkay N\”.

You can see us on the Miraflores Lock \”Live Web Cam\” at the following link:


Our advisor will be asking them to focus the camera specifically on us as we are in the locks.

Pacific Ocean, here we come!

Scott, Nikki, Mike, Beth, Eric our line handler and Roy our advisor