Position Report – Beach House Moored, Gatun Lake, Panama……

TIME: 2016/03/08 01:00
LATITUDE: 09-15.66N
LONGITUDE: 079-54.17W
SPEED: 1.0
COMMENT: Beach House – MOORED – Gatun Lake, Panama…

Wow! What an experience. We were the center vessel with two monohulls tied both to our port and starboard. The 55 foot Tayana \”Freewheel\” and the 46 foot Ocean \”Kristiana\” from Sydney, Australia.

We followed \”Chembulk Minnesota\”, a 600 foot bulk carrier ship.

We had three elevations to make and rose 27 feet each time. We\’re now somewhat uniquely – 75 feet above sea level!

Tomorrow, our call will be very early for the West Coast folks but may not be too early for you East Coasters.
We\’ll drop down two sets of locks tomorrow and finally return to the Pacific Ocean after 4 years.

We\’ll try an send an update as to our expected time of transiting for those who are interested in seeing us via the \”Live WebCam\” at the Miraflores locks – last one into the Pacific Ocean.

Miraflores Lock, Panama Canal:

Scott, Nikki, Mike and Beth