Beach House – En route South Africa – Fuel Problem…

Paul, (Peri Peri Radio – South Africa) cc: my mini group

Dear F&F,

We left Baly Bay yesterday morning. We have also lost our port engine due to fuel starvation. I have not been able to sort it out with new filters and some other tricks. The engine\’s \”lift pump\” may have gone out?

At least we\’ve the starboard engine, though I doubt I\’d be happy about going inside the reef systems at any of the \”hidey holes\”. I\’d have to use the outside anchorages at Imhanbane and Inhaca only.

SSE at 10-18 at this time. We\’ll be about 12 miles North of Juan de Nova when we pass it. We seem to have about a knot of current assist already and are crossing the channel at this time as much as heading south to get on it\’s good side…. Keep an eye out for us on the weather. It\’s supposed to go more east for about the next two days starting today?

Yesterday, we started with NNW then NW, the WNW, then W, then SW then SSW. We then tack about 10 miles off the coast and were heading NW!

The wind has clocked around ever since and we\’re good to go. Current heading is about 245 true, about one knot of current, dong about 8 knots over the ground.

0300 Z 16-37 South 043-03 East

KIT, Thanks, Scott Stolnitz s/v Beach House