The best laid plans!…..Beach House update….

Dear F&F,

We were 20 miles from Cape St. Andre and the wind abrupty shifted to SSW and blew 35 knots with lightening and a serious long term squall. We decided that descretion being the best part of valor to turn back to Baly Bay… The big concern is that once we past Cape St. Andre, the water is VERY shallow for 20 miles out to sea. 20 feet for many miles. As such, I was concerned about the sea build up and the waves from the port beam. The land protected us from the big winds as we were just 3 miles north of the coast when the squalls hit.

We\’ll re-group after a nights rest. Most likely we\’ll start tomorrow, but will let you know after a weather check. It\’s now blowing 7 knots and the skies are clearing.

Tomorrow is another day. We\’ll be anchored by 11:15 p.m. Don\’t like going in to an anchorage in the dark, but it\’s a wide open, well charted bay with no obstructions. We\’ll anchor well offshore as it\’s shallow. Cheers, SWU all very soon… Blog to be updated shortly.

Kit, Scott and now sleeping Nikki