2016 July Blog

Tahiti Boat Projects – Papeete, Tahiti – 2016…..

Dear Friends and Family, (August 25th, 2016) Well we are indeed getting ready to go on Saturday, August 27th!   This Blog will be about all the \”stuff\” we cruisers get to take care of and why \”cruising is the most expensive way to travel 15th class on Earth\”. The old definition is, \”Cruising is all …

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Tahiti….for awhile…..

August 1st UPDATE…. We\’re catching up on the main blog and photo galleries while we\’re awaiting the installation of our NEW ENGINES and my finger to heal up a bit more from my battle with a wine bottle! It won, I lost….more in the blog!…:-))) In the meanwhile, enjoy the new Photo Galley of our …

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