Englishman\’s Cove & Castarma Bay…..

Englishman\’s Cove & Castarma Bay…..

July 30th – August 1st, 2013   Time: -3 on GMT

We checked out with customs and immigration as this country requires us to do so every time you change an area.  It\’s a make work project, but hey, it\’s their country.  We went by two rock groups The Brothers and The Sisters.  The Sisters is supposed to be a nice dive spot. Down deep they have schooling hammerheads.

Our plan was to go into Englishman\’s Bay for the night and just relax.  When we arrived, there was no other boat inside, so we anchored about 200 feet off the beach near the center of the cove.  We were just anchored for about 20 minutes when out came a local who was angry at us.  We were blocking where he\’d planned on casting his nets to catch fish.  Now, the Customs people designate this as an anchorage for visiting yachts, so we knew we weren\’t violating some local law.

Much of the Bay was deep, making anchoring in other spots problematic. As such, we decided not to get into any kind of an explanation or confrontation session with our upset fisherman and moved on toward Castarama Bay.  Along the way, we stopped at another bay, but it was just too shallow where we could anchor as the fishing boats had essentially choked off the cove to any other boats.  No worries, it was Castarama….we hoped!

When we arrived in Castarama Bay, there was a British monohull and a French cat already anchored.  We found a cozy spot between some moorings and dropped the hook.  Shortly thereafter, we saw a fisherman go out the French boat and asked him to move.  We weren\’t completely sure why as he wasn\’t going to be fishing there.  The bay was really lovely, better than Englishman\’s and clear.  We went for a walk on the beach and then we took a kayak to a cove around the corner called, \”Heavenly Beach\”.  It was very tropical, lush, private and quiet.  We paddled ashore and had a great afternoon exploring. It was one of the highlights of Tobago.

Tomorrow, we\’ll be off to Trinidad….stand by!

Scott & Nikki