Tobago to Trinidad…..

Tobago to Trinidad…..  To see the Photo Gallery for this post, click here

August 1st, 2013  Time: -3 on GMT

We got up early as we did not want to get into Coral Cove Marina in Chaguaramas too late in the day. I always like to leave a window for \”issues\” when arriving in a new place.

This would sadly be Nikki\’s last sail on \”Beach House\”, now having sailed aboard her for the better part of 20 months, 16,000 miles and almost 2/3rds of the way around the world.  It was a great sail.  The winds came up in the pass between the islands within an hour of our departure and we were flying across the waves. We hit 12 knots several times and again, once saw over 15.

There was a lot of local boat traffic including high speed catamaran ferry\’s between the islands.  These boats were going up to 35 knots!  When we got close to the pass to head into Chaguaramas, a small thunderstorm showed up, but didn\’t stay very long.  It\’s hot and humid down here, so it certainly was to be expected.

We furled the genoa and mainsail, dropped the spinnaker pole and motored the last 6 miles into the Marina. Gave each other a big hug and reflected on our time together. A glass of wine was duly opened and we drank a toast to us, Cindy and Beach House……

It turns out, it was a local holiday, so we had to guess where we were supposed to dock.  It was a good guess!  We had some help in the tight quarters, but with Beach House\’s twin engines, we can pretty much turn in place.  Fortunately, we had dock power to run the little air conditioner and within a few days, had some modifications done to get the whole boat A/C system up and running.

The nice thing about this area is that we can get a LOT of boat projects done quickly and reasonably.  We\’ll be mooring the boat here in the water till the end of October when Beach House will have her bi-annual haul out and lots of little projects will be attended to. A few that are not so little too….:-)

Will have a wrap up blog or two, but this one is the end of the actual sailing season.  The boat will be here till around November 1st and then most likely finish our circumnavigation next season.

For now, KIT,

Scott and Nikki