Look Thorough Any Window……

May 14th, 2011

\”Look Through Any Window\”…..The Hollies

Dear Friends and Family, Well, the weather HERE in Auckland has been pleasant and we were looking forward to a mid week departure. Now however, a tropical low is forming north of our nice Big Fat High. This means, we may yet be on hold awaiting a better weather window. The current set up is reminiscent of the \”Queen\’s Birthday Storm\”. An event that happened here 24 years ago, much like the \”Perfect Storm\”. You can google it: \”Queen\’s Birthday Storm\”. It\’s not likely to go that way, but we aren\’t going to tempt any fates.

The good news is that we may yet get a new circuit board for the little water maker and have it operational before we leave. Also, we could have a few days to relax and get Kate started on her Open Water Scuba course.

The food is cooked and packed, the boat is in great shape. Fuel, a bit of shopping, LOTS of organization, weather watching and some sad goodbyes.

Tonight, we\’ll be taking Paul McFadden and his girlfriend Dawn to dinner as a thank you for all Paul\’s help in this difficult time. On Monday we\’ll be going to Chris and Sandra Biggs for dinner, invite offered today as they sailed by on their boat. A chance for some relaxation will not be lost on either of us, especially me.

This Monday, May 18th would have been Cindy and my 18th wedding anniversary. I\’m sure it will be an emotional day.

Hugs to you all, Waiting for the right \”window\”…. Scott

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