Magic Carpet Ride…..

23 May, (Less than 20 miles from the Eastern Hemisphere), 2011 – 9 p.m. Local Time

Conditions: 23 deg 54 min South 179 deg 30 min WEST Wind: 15 to 25 knots, ESE Swell: 16 feet, 4 meters ESE Heading: Changed course to 315 T, we\’ve changed ports to Lautoka, Fiji (near the repair yard in Musket Cove) Speed: WOW!…9 – 16 knots! Average 10 knots. One reef in the main, genoa out to starboard on the new spinnaker pole. We\’re on a Magic Carpet Ride. Barometer: 1019 steady.

\”Magic Carpet Ride\”…..Steppenwolf

Dear F&F, This is what it\’s all about, we\’re flying. We decided to forego the Minerva Reefs as it didn\’t work as to timing, weather, etc. With a 4 meter swell, it would most likely have been very uncomfortable inside the reef at high tide and I\’m anxious to get the small leak in the port engine room fixed as soon as possible. So now instead of arriving at the most EASTERN port in Fiji, we\’ll arrive at the WESTERN most port. It\’s okay and we can work our way back easily enough. It will give us a chance to apply for the Lau Group visitors permit in Suva on the main island of Viti Levu as well.

We\’ve heard that Musket Cove can take us out on their trailer and Kate wants to go to the \”two dollar\” bar which is a local famous hang out as well. While the repairs are going on, we\’ll start the practical of her diving course at Musket Cove. Kate did the first two DVD modules today and we\’ll go over them together tomorrow again. We put the kayak back in it\’s rack where it jumped out. Discovered that the pounding of the last two days broke the little water maker off it\’s mounts. Cleaned water out of the starboard hull from a wave that visited us through the bathroom window and hung the wet clean up towels up to dry.

Now that the waves are behind us, this is type of sailing all we crazy ocean going boaters dream about. It\’s a bit scary, but incredible all at the same time. The power of the waves behind us, picking us up and racing down the face is exhilarating enough, but the fact that the boat feels like we\’re at the dock is even more amazing. No bouncing, no muss, no fuss. This is literally \”Beach House\’s thing\”. I wish you could all take turns and be here to experience this. 9-10-14-16 knots!… It\’s like a Disneyland ride. Our strategic positioning to get east early is really paying off right now. At this rate, we\’ll be off the southern island of Kandavu in 36 hours, Lautoka in two days with a morning arrival on the third day from now, our Thursday. Everything as we know can change in the blink of an eye, but for the moment, this moment is a \”Magic Carpet Ride\”…..

KIT, Scott (Kate\’s lasagna tonight was exceptional!)

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