Milestones….Circumnavigation by Longitude

TIME: 2015/02/17 12:08
LATITUDE: 22-25.01N
LONGITUDE: 084-41.59W
SPEED: 9.0
COMMENT: Beach House Milestones…..EnRoute-Isla Mujeres, Mexico

One of the more well founded metrics for a circumnavigation is crossing the longitude of which you began while
remaining mostly in the tropics. As of about 20 minutes ago at 084 degrees 40.7 minutes West, we were 795 miles due north
of Bahia Herradura on the WEST COAST of Central America. That is where Cindy and I left Central America on the 21 of April, 2009.

It\’s taken awhile and we\’ll have at least two more \”country to country\” circmnavigation milestones. First will be tomorrow when we arrive in
Mexico and next will be at the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. At that point, we\’ll only be 150 miles from where we were on the West Coast of Guatemala.

The crossing so far is flat seas and currently (pardon the pun) we\’re getting a 2.8 knot PUSH across the Yucatan Channel which we are just entering.
It won\’t last! ETA around midnight.
We\’ll keep you posted!
Scott and Nikki