More Viani Bay & Diving……

Dear F&F, July 14th-19th

s/v \”Migration\” came into the anchorage and with they and s/v \”Quickstar\” as neighbors, it was a bit like old home week. We spent the next several days either anchoring out or doing \”live\” boat dives with Jack and our friends. One day we did some diving with Glenn, Cindy and Abbie off m/v \”Mystery Ship\”, including Glenn & Cindy\’s first dive at the White Wall. A very exciting spot.

On our last night at Viani Bay, Jack and local friends had a dinner for we cruisers and we got to sign his visitors book. I looked back over the years and saw many boats and friends. Including s/v \”Lazy Bones\”, Gayle and Jeff from Marina del Rey and s/v \”Quiet One\”, Dawn and her former husband out of the UK who I\’d met in Auckland.

The dinner was great fun and we got to know other boats better; a good time had by all. The next morning, Jack came by and wished us well. We think there\’s a pretty fair chance we might be back this way again. Diving at \”The Zoo\”, \”The Cabbage Patch\”, \”The Purple Wall\”, \”The Ledge\” and of course, \”The White Wall\” were pretty impressive, very close and could all be easily done again and again.

We brought the boat over for the one hour trip to Taveuni Island, Fiji\’s third largest island. That will be the subject of our next \”Ship\’s Log\”…. Stay tuned. KIT, Scott with Anja and Sandrine

Lots of photos to post when I get good internet.