Peros Banhos…….

Peros Banhos…..

17 October 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

Well, we tried to leave Salomon yesterday and we did! However, there was virtually NO wind and as we were going right by Peros Banhos Atoll, so we stopped for the night. We anchored off the old pier (which is defunct); it no longer connects to the shore. The jungle here is really thick as well. Though people lived here some 50 years ago, it doesn\’t appear that there is any infrastructure here of any kind (other than the pier). Now that it\’s low tide, we can see that there are remnants awash of it\’s pilings that do indeed extend to the shore. If there are any buildings, they have long ago become part of the jungle.

As the wind has come up over night to a much more encouraging for our departure. It\’s up to 9 knots, we\’ll be off shortly.

Our general plan will be to head more south initially, just staying to the west of the Great Chagos Bank. This will get us back down into the \”trade winds\” and then as they strengthen, we\’ll head more westerly to keep them and any building seas on our stern or quarter. The \”day trip\” from yesterday gave us a bit of re-adjustment to our sea legs as well.

We\’ll be in either radio contact or email contact with \”Sunflower\” as we head toward Madagascar and of course be sending \”the daily blog\” to all of you. Don\’t forget to look for those position reports (links at the bottom right of the home page).

So, by the time most of your read this, we\’ll be off!…

KIT, Scott and Anxious Nikki