Photographs and Memories……

Photographs and Memories…..

18 October 2012 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F,

We left Peros Banhos yesterday around 10:30 a.m. and had a slow but lovely sail all day. Just after mid-night (why is it always mid-night?…:-)) the wind came up a bit too strong for our sail plan and we changed the reacher out for the staysail with the full main sail. We\’ve been doing 6.5-8.5 knots and are staying as south as we can. There are a few reasons we\’re staying south. First, the prevailing wind will eventually shift a bit more south putting the wind and sea uncomfortably on our beam. Second, there is a very large shoal area at about the half way point and we want to go south of it to stay out of any big/unusual wave patterns. Next, it keeps us further south of the (HRA), military speak for \”high risk area\” which is north of 10 degrees south as we approach Madagascar. We\’ll be around 12 degrees south when we get there. Lastly, as we get closer to Madagascar, the winds will shift even further south and we want to keep them on our stern.

As to the bad guys, the first big cyclone (hurricane) of the season has blown ahead of us on our path and is likely to send anyone away from the area we\’re intending to go. \”Anais\” was the strongest \”early\” cyclone ever recorded in the West Indian Ocean at Cat 3, it had winds of 115 knots. Not something to be near! The weather forecast for the next 5 days looks good, with building trades for a day starting tonight or tomorrow, then backing off a bit. The good news is that there appears to be no repeat scenario for \”Anais\” setting up as it cleared all the instability out of this area for awhile.

The usual small squalls on the horizon, nothing out of the ordinary….

We enjoyed our time at Salomon and Peros Banhos and \”Took only photographs and memories, left only foot prints\”….. Except for the yet still amazing amount of floating plastic and \”flip flops\”, it was much like 1000 years ago.

KIT! Scott and Sleeping Nikki