YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/10/18 01:53 LATITUDE: 06-58.67S LONGITUDE: 069-50.58E COURSE: 231T SPEED: 6.8 MARINE: YES WIND_SPEED: 14 WIND_DIR: ESE WAVE_HT: 0.2M WAVE_PER: 6 SWELL_DIR: SSE SWELL_HT: 2.3M SWELL_PER: 10 CLOUDS: 50% VISIBILITY: 15 BARO: 1014.2 AIR_TEMP: 29.4C COMMENT: Beach House -En-ROUTE- Peros Banhos Atoll, Chagos Archipelago to Madagascar.

New blog posted at www.svbeachhouse.com s/v \”Sunflower\” is a bit behind us, weather cooperating and all is well. KIT, Scott and Sleeping Nikki