YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/11/06 12:57 LATITUDE: 14-53.54S LONGITUDE: 047-20.25E MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 8 WIND_DIR: W CLOUDS: 40% VISIBILITY: 25 BARO: 1013.3 AIR_TEMP: 32.8C COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED- Moramba Bay, Madagascar

This is the cove of the Indiri Lemurs. They are the largest of all the lemur species and are supposed to look like a cross between a Koala and a Panda!..Hopefully tomorrow we shall see. This IS the prettiest spot we\’ve seen by far. Baobab Tress, Limestone rock formations like the \”Rock Islands\” of Palau…. Lovely! KIT, Scott & Nikki