YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/11/17 13:02 LATITUDE: 23-44.12S LONGITUDE: 035-23.66E MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 25 WIND_DIR: NNE CLOUDS: 30% VISIBILITY: 15 BARO: 1011.6 AIR_TEMP: 27.8C COMMENT: Beach House ANCHORED -Linga Linga Point – Inhambane Bay, Mozambique

We came in to Linga Linga as the conditions in the bay were way too bouncy. The SSEasterlies are not expected till 9pm-12am. Hence, here we stay. Lovely spot with it\’s own WRECK right in front of us. There are two resorts on this point. One is called, \”Castle of the Sea\” in Portuguese.

The entry was as Des said it would be. We came in one hour after low tide. Least water was 3.1 meters about 10 feet UNDER the hulls. This was a very brief time, perhaps 30 seconds. Never shallower than 16 feet anywhere else. Mostly in the 20+ and up to 60 feet. (The previous is for Dave of Sunflower). Dave, if you want some more waypoints…email me!

The strong SSE is supposed to last only about 4-6-8 hours? We\’ll be off in earnest tomorrow on the rising tide around 6 a.m. KIT, Scott and Nikki, anchored in Africa!