YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2013/04/23 10:36 LATITUDE: 26-37.01S LONGITUDE: 015-06.48E COURSE: 259T SPEED: 7.4 MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 12 WIND_DIR: WSW CLOUDS: 10% VISIBILITY: 15 BARO: 1012.9 AIR_TEMP: 26.7C COMMENT: Beach House -EN ROUTE-Cape Town, SA for repairs. Abeam Diaz Point, Namibia The weather looks \”ok\” for the first 18 hours after which is goes lighter and improves for we south bounders. Wind has a lot of west in it, so it\’s not too bad \”into it\”. It\’s supposed to lighten around sun down and not pick up again for a few days. This will \”hopefully\”? get us back into Cape Town without having to bash into it. KIT, USE SAILMAIL ADDRESS… Scott and \”Watch Commandress Nikki\”…..