YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2013/04/26 09:35 LATITUDE: 33-54.52S LONGITUDE: 018-25.16E MARINE: NO WIND_SPEED: 5 WIND_DIR: SSE CLOUDS: 10% VISIBILITY: 20 BARO: 1019.1 AIR_TEMP: 21.1C COMMENT: Beach House -DOCKED- V&A Marina – Cape Town, SA for repairs…… We have arrived at the V&A Marina where we have a nice interior slip. The weather was a huge blessing as it was essentially calm the entire 70 hour motor. The winds will be back strongly soon! The good news is, preliminarly, we think that the parts from the US may be minimal and the big mandrel can be repaired or replaced here in Cape Town. The steering of course needs to be thouroghly gone over and we need to reset, refresh and of course as winter is here, watch the weather. All is well and you can use our land emails again as we have internet. KIT, Scott and Nikki