Position Report – Cayo Blanco

TIME: 2015/02/11 21:55
LATITUDE: 23-12.07N
LONGITUDE: 081-02.14W
COMMENT: Beach House -ANCHORED- Cayo Blanco – Havana tomorrow.

We\’ll update everyone soon in a couple of blogs. So far, we were told we could get some assistance
in Marina Varadaro, but we are definitely in the land of \”Manana\”. As such, we\’ll move on to Marina
Hemingway just west of Havana to see if the big city can assist us with our needs. Again, no worries.
Just want to take care of everything before moving west to Mexico if possible.

Lots to tell…..:-)
Remember, we have NO internet but we can be reached on email directly.
We get the FB notices of post, but can\’t view them till internet happens.
Scott and Nikki