Position Report – Long Cay, Lighthosue Reef – Belize

TIME: 2015/03/09 17:55
LATITUDE: 17-12.71N
LONGITUDE: 087-35.98W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Long Cay, Lighthouse Reef – Belize

We had a big squall with about 30 knots just before we left Turneffe this morning. We tried to see if we could go ashore to the lodge and use the restaurant/bar, but despite their being very nice…no was the answer. The reef offered some, but not perfect protection. Turneffe is really a flat bottom power boat lagoon, not a sailors place due to the very shallow depths.

We had one big boomer of a squall en route here (35 knots and rain), but then it cleared up nicely. We\’re anchored in 9 feet of water behind Long Cay which runs 2 miles north and south. It\’s flat and comfy. We\’ll be off to explore after lunch. We\’ve already seen lots of Frigates and Boobie Birds (of which there is a reserve for at Half Moon Cay).

If the weather permits tomorrow, we may go over the 6 miles (via the reef system) and anchor at Half Moon Cay for at least the day to see the bird sanctuary and the dive/snorkel spots that are supposed to be quite good.

Scott and Nikki