Position Report – Blue Hole, Lighthosue Reef – Belize

TIME: 2015/03/11 18:36
LATITUDE: 17-19.08N
LONGITUDE: 087-32.21W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef – Belize

We decided to make the 9-10 mile trip up to the Blue Hole and invited Lisette and Dennis from s/v \”Windward\” to come along for their first catamaran ride..:-)

This is the most famous of the Blue Hole\’s in the world due to being well photographed and dived by Jacques Cousteau. It is a national treasure of Belize. At 450 deep, it\’s not the deepest, but it\’s very round shape, surrounded by clear light turquoise water no deeper than 20 feet, is what makes it a stunner from the air.

We were anchored just outside the west rim and to get the full effect both Nikki and I went up in the Bosun\’s Chair to take photos and really take in the view. It was Nikki\’s first time up the mast!

About 5 small aircraft, most likely on tours, circled over head in the 2 1/2 hours we were there. Hope one of them tries to track us down for a photo as it would be a spectacular shot of \”Beach House\” on he rim of the Blue Hole. When we get internet, I\’ll post some photos from \”up the mast\” – 80 feet in the air.
We took a dinghy tour and saw 390 feet deep on the depth sounder; the water cobalt blue. I did the dive 19 years ago with Cindy and frankly, it\’s a nothing dive.
We did do some snorkeling and that was quite nice along the rim.

A bit tricky to dodge the coral patches en route, but no real worries. On the way back, the very low sun was NOT helpful, but fortunately we had a good tight \”track\”
of our way in on our chart plotter, so it was pretty easy coming back out.

We may do some diving on the lee of Long Cay tomorrow, the \”Belize Agressor III\” has been out on various buoys behind us over the last three days. Our friends on the catamaran, s/v \”Like Dolphins\” (from Belgium) have dove every day and say it\’s fabulous.

More soon,
Scott and Nikki