Position Report – Southwest Cays, Glover Reef – Belize…..

TIME: 2015/03/13 20:41
LATITUDE: 16-43.24N
LONGITUDE: 087-50.85W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Southwest Cays, Glover Reef – Belize

Well, this for me is an unfortunate day of remembrance as it was 4 years ago today I lost Cindy.
Yesterday, while diving (first two dives in a year!), I found myself talking to her and almost expected she\’d be right behind me.
It also would have been my Dad\’s 87th. Lots of feelings.

We had a lovely trip here from Light House Reef, the entry quite easy. We had a very nice 3 days at Light House with highlights of our trip to the \”Blue Hole\” and yesterday we did two dives. (Dennis and Scott and Scott solo on the second). Nikki snorkeled around the boat which we put on one of the dive moorings right next to the \”Belize Agressor III\”.

The reefs were classic Belize. Lots very healthy coral and big barrel sponges; some 6 feet tall! Barracuda, Box Fish, Scrawled File fish, Grouper, lots of schooling Parrot Fish, some very big Tarpon and the ubiquitous invasive Lion Fish. It is believed that about 10-15 years ago, people who tired of their aquariums may have released the Lion Fish into Florida\’s waters. Now, it\’s pretty much everywhere. We saw a clump of six of them together. The dive started in 35 feet (10.5 meters) and I went no more than about 23 meters (78 feet). Another boat said they saw some reef sharks hunting, but alas, non were to be seen. The overall impression however is that these reefs are in excellent shape.

We\’ll explore here a bit for a few days and give a full report before moving on to our last stop in Belize which will be Placencia. Then off to Guatemala\’s Rio Dulce where after circling the world, we\’ll again meet up with Carmina who will be driving in from Guatemala City.
Scott and Nikki