Dear F&F,

September 4, 2009

We are so affected by the weather. We are just waiting for this to subside so we can move on. The prediction is for the wind to be less by Sunday morning but the seas may stay lumpy. We anticipate an 8 hour run to Tikehau. We had a lull just before lunch to zoom into the dive center with the dinghy & retrieve our gear since we are not going to dive in these crappy conditions, even though they are taking other tourists out. The dive masters admit the visibility & sea state are not good. Scott fortunately is a safety freak. I may be tempted to go despite the 6 foot pounding waves above our heads (outside the pass) just to get away from the incessant rocking of the boat & flapping wind noises. But after having a marginal experience Thurs a.m. Scott was done diving here. We paid our bill for the 3 dives we did. $70 each dive for each of us, that includes a $10 discount for using our own gear. Everything is so expensive here.

I finished the book \”The Invisible Wall\” & began reading another book. This one loaned me by friend Lori \”Bookseller of Kabul\”. I\’m sure not that uplifting, but I like reading about how different people live even if it is somewhat distressing. It helps me feel more grateful for what I have. I am very glad I can read without feeling seasick in these conditions.

Scott just got an email from Skye that his cousin Steve died at age 57, heart problem. They were not particularly close, but family nonetheless. He was a son of Suzanne\’s brother. On a happier note, this weekend is Aunt Barbara\’s granddaughter Lisa\’s wedding. Skye will fly up with Barbara to attend the redwood grove ceremony, followed by reception at cousin Janice\’s house. Aunt Barbara is twice a great-Grandma & very much enjoying her expanded family.

It will be fun to see Wilfred in Tikehau, assistant manager of the Pearl Beach Hotel there. We met him when we went diving with Marc in Manihi.

Each passing day brings us closer to Tahiti which means closer to me flying to California. I am soooo ready for some off boat time. It has been too long.

Cindy & Scott