July 4th, 2011 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Dear F&F, We got up early for the 25 mile journey to Savusavu and the mini gauntlet of Nasonisoni Pass. It\’s 1 1/2 miles long and about 100 yards wide. You cannot see the reef for the most part, but again, the chart was spot on. The Eastern sun was no help either. As we headed East, we went slow to watch for the sides. No problems. The other side of the pass often runs against the current and can have \”standing waves\”. Think of strong current again strong trade winds and oh joy, it can be a mess. We\’ve talked to a few boats that got decks awash as they came out the Eastern side. We hit it perfect, no trades of any strength and no standing waves.

Savusavu looks a lot like a nicer, cleaner, \”Mini Vava\’u, Tonga\”. We checked in with the local customs office and are awaiting our friends on s/v \”Quickstar\” who should be here in a few days from Tonga.

Happy 4th to everyone in the USA

Scott with Sandrine