Tahiti Touring…..

Dear F&F,

We had been working constantly on the boat without many breaks and only one
days diving. There is much to see here, so we decided to “take the day off”
and drive around the island by car. On this trip, we would go to the home
of Alex, Heike and baby Yann.

Alex runs a commercial aquarium service in Los Angeles and is married to
Heike who used to be the manager of “The Boat Yard” in Marina del Rey,
California. They had baby Yann (cutest little guy ever!) here in Tahiti
where Alex was born. Alex is a US citizen as his Mom is. Here in French
Polynesia, he has a commercial aquarium collection service and is licensed
to import fish to the US for re-sale.

We’ve been in email touch for a long time and finally got to catch up. Alex
and Heike have been very helpful in many ways here, both being fluent in
French and knowing where everything is in the way of parts and
services. They’ve
included us in some gatherings with friends and introduced us to US Consul
Christopher Kozely who has helped us with some business stuff as well.

So, we’ll let the photo gallery tell the story……see: “12-2009 Tahiti Land


Scott & Cindy