The God\’s must be crazy…..

May 11th 2011
Dear Friends and Family, We\’ll the journey continues and begins anew. The weather has been horrid. The wind blows like hell in furry, the rain falls like a broken damn. What am I doing here?

Mike Lonnes, great guy and genuinely best marine installation man on the planet earth, came to New Zealand with me to get Beach House ready to move on. Mike sailed with Cindy and me from the Galapagos to the Marquesas in 2009 and is most familiar with Beach House.

Mike designed an entire new electronic system and underwater plumbing system for the boat. Without his assistance, I simply would not be able to make this trip plain and simple. Thank you Mike!

It\’s been an intense 12 hour per day, go go go for the last two and half weeks. At least a dozen contractors have been here and we\’re as close to ready to go as we can be.

Mike left on Tuesday, the 10th of May and I went into a bit of \”what am I going to do without him?\” here.

Thank you all for your emails to keep up with me and keep me focused. Healing has been up and down. My new crew, Kate has been very helpful as a sweet soft understanding spirit. I\’ll introduce you to Kate in my next post.

All the folks here at Gulf Harbour have been fantastic. A great place for the major planned re-fit. I\’m still in shock and confusion as I\’m sure many of your are. I\’m plugging along just trying to keep one foot in front of the other…..

On another note, Skye\’s movie was given the \”green light\” and she and Sean are now in Atlanta, Georgia prepping for production to begin in the near future. Thank you Ms. Diaz for signing and keeping my daughter gainfully employed….:) Hugs to you all, Scott

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