Vuda Point Redux……

July 1st – July 3rd, 2011

Dear F&F, Well, after the sail tearing debacle and the up the anchor debacle of Manta Ray Bay Island, we YET AGAIN returned to Vuda Point for repairs. The sail was a total loss and I\’ll have to eventually replace it in Australia.

The windlass had what appeared to be a simple fix (it\’s third!). We of course shall see. The \”chain stripper\” was bent and stopped the motor from lifting the chain. It appears to work and we did test it!

Kate gave us a hug and kiss goodbye and off she went to New Zealand, Australia and finally will head off back home to Essex at the end of July. Thank you Kate, you we\’re great!

Sandrine and I left for Savusavu directly after re-fueling and more marketing. The trip took four days and we motored all the way. Fortunately the wind was down so we didn\’t have to buck the normal trade winds.

Fiji is the MOST reef intense place I\’ve ever even imagined. There are rocks on the rocks here. The north side of Viti Levu was well marked. Just as we left the reef system for the journey across \”Bligh Water\”, we cut a corner a little too close and kissed a reef. The chart said it was 120 feet deep, the dagger board said it was 4 1/2 feet deep! No harm, no foul as they say in basketball and VERY fortunately, we just scraped some paint. Efforts for watching the \”bombies\” will be redoubled as we head across \”Bligh Water\”. It\’s one GIANT REEF for 50 miles.

More soon,

Scott with Sandrine