Werewolves of London…..

May 20th, (Eastern Hemisphere), 2011, 9:30 p.m. local time

\”Werewolves of London\”….Warren Zevon

Dear F&F, I thought I\’d share a small world story with you. The song title has even more meaning as it\’s the last night of the full moon tonight.

Though I have not yet had the time to catch the original website up to sailing INTO New Zealand, I\’d like to share a small world story.

Last September, Paul Spicer, born in Essex in the UK sailed with me from Tongatapu, Tonga to Opua, New Zealand. That was a very challenging sail (I think Paul and I used the word intimidating!) which included us putting our our para-anchor for 40 hours in the North Tasman Sea. We had swells up to 24 feet (8 meters)!

Paul is an ex-pat, now US citizen living in Redondo Beach, California. Paul was a patient of mine and we have been in touch re: sailing/cruising for many years. Paul also sailed on the maiden ocean voyage of \”Beach House\” in April of 2004 in the Mediterranean.

So, it turns out that Kate is also from Essex! They lived only a few miles apart (though Paul hasn\’t lived in Essex since the mid 1970\’s). Sorry to date us, but that would have been before Kate was born!

So Essex wins the day. In with Paul, out with Kate, the UK has been well represented aboard \”Beach House\”. Our next crew, Sandrine is originally from France! Aren\’t we international? Anyway, \”Beach House\” was born in the south of France, so it only makes sense. Two Brits, two French girls, what\’s a Captain to do?….:)

KIT, Scott with of course, sleeping Kate!

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