With sadness, a new beginning……

May 1st, 2011

Dear Friends & Family, As you can see from the new homepage of svbeachhouse.com, I have archived our original website to the memory of our voyages. We truly had some of the greatest times of our lives in places like San Benedicto Island riding giant manta rays, swimming with a whale shark in the Galapagos, watching a thousand gray reef sharks in the pass at South Fakarava in the Tuamotus and an amazing week with friends Clark and Vincent in Bora Bora.

I will never get to know why….. I will carry a certain sadness in the window of my soul always. I can only hope that I will be able to find some peace and happiness in the future. Only time will tell. Whether time heals wounds or not, I\’ll just have to wait and see.

Please stay with me as I try and press on. I not only enjoy your support, I need it. The bitter sweetness of my life and whatever path it leads to will unfold. Hopefully to a place where peace and joy can re-enter my life. I\’m not the clear and concise wordsmith that Cindy was, but I\’ll try my best.

New people will now enter my life and I hope to enjoy their story. I need a respite from my own.

I always saw our arrival in New Zealand as the end to the first book of our trilogy. I\’m not sure how I can begin book two, but I will try. It all brings to mind the epic journey and struggle in the \”Lord of the Rings\” trilogy. Ironically filmed right here in New Zealand.

Gather round your own campfire, hold your loved ones closely, you can\’t have them forever. I know this to be true. Enjoy them fully today, for we don\’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Scott (Windy, rainy, gray – Auckland, New Zealand, May 1st, 2011).

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