2009 Nov Blog

Outrigger Canoe Race, Hawakinui Vaa…..

Dear F&F, We watched the 170 or so outrigger canoes begin the race right past where we were anchored at Huahine. There were about 100 other boats following, escort power boats, families, & other tourist/observers like us. The shore was lined with 100’s of people cheering them on. It is a colorful & festive spectacle. …

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Huahine Diving & Exploring…..

Dear F&F, We dinghied outside the reef to dive. Drifting along with a 150 foot tether; it is always good to get underwater & see the usual suspects. The second day, the swell was bigger which hurt the visibility. It was nice to blow bubbles & cool off, but we both agreed it wasn\’t worth …

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Passage to Huahine…..

Dear F&F, I was a bit hesitant to depart at night in the rain, but Scott didn\’t think it would be that bad so we ventured out. The sea was bumpy, a bonine on top of my usual scopalamine patch helped. We each did two, 3 hour shifts. I made dinner & did the dishes …

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