2011 Photos

2011-10 Sail to Brisbane, Australia – \”Heavy Metal\” – Beach House\’s \”Summer Home\”…..

This would be our last voyage for the 2011 sailing season. Next and last stop, Brisbane, Australia and home for Kay…..

2011-09 Western Fiji & The Yasawa Group…..

On our way out of Fiji, we stopped at Musket Cove and then joined Joe Tui, our dive guide and host extraordinaire in his home islands, the beautiful Yasawa Group en-route to Vanuatu Here we met Joe Tui and his buddies. You\’ve seen the gallery. It was a highlight of the season

Dave & Diane

2011-08 Sharks of Fiji

Over time, I hope to improve the edits.  Enjoy!..AND…don\’t try this at home!….:-)  It is now believed through research that these \”feeds\” have little effect on the diet and behavior of these sharks.  The benefit in education to see that these are not the man eaters of \”Jaws\” fame has done far more to help …

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2011-07 & 08 Vanua Balavu Island – The Lau Group

After quite the fuss, we were able to get our permit for the rarely visited \”Lau Group\” of Eastern Fiji. See the companion \”Ship\’s Log\” for more details…..

2011-07 Eastern Fiji – Savusavu, Viani Bay, Taveuni & Matangi Islands

Anja joined us from s/v \”Quickstar\”.  This gallery is mostly of our travels from Savusavu to Viani Bay and onto Taveuni and Matangi Islands.