Everybody\’s Talkin\’ At Me……

May 19th, 2011 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Conditions: 34 deg 33 min S 176 deg 19 min E Day 1 run – A very pedestrian 141 nm. Day 2 is already off to a faster beginning 690 nm to North Minerva Reef Speed: 7.1 knots Heading: 015 True Wind: 15-23 knots SSW Swell: 2 meters South Temp: 63 deg F – 17.2 deg C Sea Temp: 65 deg F – 18.3 C

Now have one reef in main and full genoa on starboard side using new spinnaker pole.

\”Everybody\’s Talkin\’ At Me\”….Nilson

Dear F&F, The song was the title from Midnight Cowboy and it\’s always been a sailing song to me. The line \”Banking off of the NE Wind, Sailing on Summer Breeze\” has always caught my attention. As you can see from the above report, we\’ve a SSW wind and really hope to never see a NE wind on this trip as we are headed essentially due North. It\’s also the beginning of Winter here, but for most of you reading this, the sentiment applies!…

It\’s gray and overcast, still cold, wooly\’s will remain on for at least 3-4 more days I suspect. Kate is doing her \”Day Skipper Course\” on her computer for the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Once she\’s chewed that up, we\’ll start her on the PADI Open Water DVD.

It really doesn\’t get much better than we\’ve got so far. The weather looks to be like we have now for a few days and then the \”fun\” may begin as we enter the trade winds in the tropics. The South Pacific Convergence Zone always has a bit of lick to it when crossed as the tropic and sub tropic weather systems meet. Often a low pressure along it will enhance the high pressure we are currently enjoying to pick the breeze up a bit. I am expecting brief periods of 30 knots up there around the Minerva\’s and it will be from the SE. Hence, we\’re actually going a bit East now to hopefully be able to keep the wind and sea more behind us when we find that lovely spot. It\’s just more comfortable.

We\’ve a twist in our main halyard, otherwise I would have hoisted the full main. I\’ll fix it if we get really light before the wind and lower the main all the way to do it. In the meanwhile, we\’re just settling in, will check on the Pacific Seafarers Net today at 0300 UTC, 14300 USB for those of you who lurk on amateur radio.

Hugs, Feel free to drop us a note at any email you\’ve got for us. Scott with Studious – Kate

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