Stones in the Road…..

May 19th, 2011 (Eastern Hemisphere) not yet one full day at sea….

Conditions: 34 deg 56 min S 175 deg 56 min E Wind S 15-20 Sea SSE 1.5 meters Cloud 30% Baro: 1026.6 rising Heading 035 true (reaching up for speed and strategic placement of winds expected ahead) We\’re under canvassed and will add sail during the day. Distance traveled: 118 nm 707 nm to North Minerva Reef

\”Stones in the Road\”…..Mary Chapin Carpenter

Dear F&F,

We\’ll as this sail is sort of a bit of a shake down and find the bugs. We have!

Our AIS system has packed up, no big deal, that\’s why we stand watch Our Autopilot\’s \”Go To\” feature has disappeared, no big deal, the auto pilot is steering to a course just fine Alarms on our new electronic system have been so annoying that I\’ve had to disconnect them, also no big deal. One \”mini big deal\”…Our port sail drive skirt is leaking. This is where our transmission actually looks like an outboard motor and goes through the bottom of the boat. There is a double rubber seal to keep out Mother Ocean….she\’s having a bit of her way with us. The bilge pump, (one of six electric we have) kicks a liter or so of water out of the water tight space every 10 minutes and is very easily keeping up. This may have to be addressed in Fiji? I actually carry a complete spare transmission aboard and as many of our followers may remember, I had to change a transmission on a sand bar in El Salvador two years ago. (Carmina, I am thanking you again for the good times, assistance and hospitality you showed us while at your home in Guatemala).

So a few bumps, a fast start, a slow first night with a beautiful full moon…AND, a couple of \”Stones in the Road\”…

For you position report followers, I put out an official one on this sail, every day at noon local, 1 a.m. in the UK….

Scott with soon to awake Kate for here 8 to noon watch no footer

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