June 1st – 9th, 2011

Okay, say Malololailai ten times real fast! Betcha\’ can\’t do it….:)

Dear F&F,

We picked up mooring and checked into Musket Cove. The reefs here are something to be very wary of. They\’re often just awash and you can\’t see them. Glad the electronic charts are spot on here.

Diving: We started Kate\’s diving class today. She\’s a natural and will have no worries at all. Dinghy 101: Kate thought it looks cool when a gal drives the dinghy so lessons began today. Other than my broken toe, it was all good…:)

June 2nd We hated the pool here, the visiability was worse than the ocean. So, we did confined water dives 3,4 & 5 in the ocean in a \”pool like environment\”. Much better. Kate will start her first \”Open Water Dives\” tomorrow….

June 3rd Correction, Kate got a bit too inebriated last night and will start her Open Water dives tomorrow! I went out for two nice dives with Roberta and Patrice. I went to check the haul out here. NO WAY. They want me to do everything but drive the tractor that pulls the boat out of the water. Plan B will be in order. More on that later. The saildrive isn\’t leaking that bad. It can wait.

June 4th Kate did Open Water 1&2. Absolutely no sweat.

June 6th Kate finished Open Water dives 3&4, she\’s now the newest \”PADI GIRL\”.

June 7th We did her first dive as a certified diver at \”The Pinnacle\”. Amazing. Nice swim though at 74 feet. The top of the pinnacle at 28 feet looked like an amazing aquarium. At least 5 species of clowns, lots of different types of anemones, lion fish, damsel fish, bubble coral galore. The entire 40 feet by 40 feet was covered in \”life\”. Oh this was a \”Cindy Dive\” for sure.

June 8th Surfs UP! We met Greg, an Aussie on the boat next door. He took me and Kate surfing to Wilkes Channel. Kate got a bit beat up and was \”rescued\” by the cute guys. She was taken to lunch at the island resort (Namotu), very exclusive. She came away with lots of emails and phone numbers. Oh to be young and adorable. It\’s that easy isn\’t it?….

I actually rode two waves. Nice sweet right handers about 3-4 foot face. First time in really 20 years. It was somewhat like riding a bike. My exercise program paid off so I didn\’t expire paddling the board.

June 9th Returned to Vuda Point Marina. Happy Birthday Gaye (Skye\’s Mom). Skye\’s is tomorrow!

More later, awaiting Sandrine\’s arrival on Monday from Hawaii….Kate may soon move on to her next boat ride….. KIT, Scott with Kate on computer, texting, facebooking and all that other stuff 30 year olds do…. Vuda Point Marina, Fiji

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