New Zealand to Fiji….A synopsis

May 31st, 2011

\”I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends\”…. The Beatles

Dear F&F, We\’re in Vuda Point Marina just south of Lautoka where we checked in. I thought this song was appropriate as Kate is from Essex near London.

Kate was great in the watch, sailing, cooking, companion and everything else category. A great attitude and disposition.

We had a raucous ride, but a good one. I hope you enjoyed my \”Magical Mystery Tour\” along the northward trail from New Zealand to Fiji. The deep V cut like a knife. The wound will not heal. It shouldn\’t……

Checking in: We did the Customs Tango here and boy was it weird. This is the most bureaucratic nation I\’ve ever checked into. As the government here is technically in a \”marshal law\” state of affairs they want to know your underwear size. The forms were thick, the questions lengthy. All in all the folks are great however. Several trips were required to go to the various offices to get cleared in, cruising permits, etc.

Anchoring: We went to drop the hook and the windlass (thing that raises and lowers the anchor) didn\’t work. I had to use the stern one. We dragged the anchor twice and it was quite the drill to prevent \”the house\” from crashing into other boats and oh yes, the DOCK! After that was sorted, all was good.

We went to Vuda Point (pronounced VUNDA) and they fixed the windlass motor and re-mounted the water maker which flew off the wall on a big crashing wave and some other minor stuff. We\’ll see about the haul out facility at Musket Cove tomorrow.

Clean up inside and out and off to Musket Cove, Malololailai Island to do Kate\’s PADI Open Water course and have some relaxing fun.

KIT, Scott with wide awake Kate….Facebooking like a fiend!…:)

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